FSB Released Footage of the Detention of Estonian Consul [Video]

The  Federal Security Services of Russia (FSB) has released a video of the detention of the Consul of Estonia Marta Lyatte, who was trying to obtain materials of a classified nature from a Russian citizen. Now he is declared persona non grata in Russia.

“It has been established that the Estonian diplomat met this Russian person several times. During the meetings, he showed interest in obtaining information about Russia’s plans in the Arctic through the person. At the same time, Lyatte knew that these documents were of a closed nature,” reported TASS.

The special service noted that the FSB will publish video footage of the detention in connection with the decision of the Russian Foreign Ministry to expel an employee of the Estonian embassy in the Russian Federation.

Consul of the Estonian Consulate General in St. Petersburg Mart Lyatte was detained on 6 July. In connection with his activities incompatible with diplomatic status, he was declared persona non grata and left Russia.

In response to Lyatte’s announcement of persona non grata, Estonia expelled the third secretary of the Russian embassy in the republic from the country without any reason. In response to the unfriendly actions of the Estonian side, which unjustifiably expelled the Russian diplomat from Estonia, on August 3, the Russian Foreign Ministry declared an employee of the Estonian embassy in Russia persona non grata.

Forsided, 10.08.2021
Source: Colonel Cassad

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