Indian Government Accused of Working Hand in Hand with Twitter [Post]

Indian opposition party accuses the government of working “hand in glove” with Big Tech. India’s main opposition party Congress on Thursday claimed that its official Twitter account has been blocked by the microblogging site, sharing a screenshot of its profile on Facebook and Instagram.

Indian’s fraught relationship with Twitter became politicized when the opposition party Congress (INC) accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of being behind the platform’s ban of its official account for posting personal family images of a child rape case.

“I hope the world is watching how Twitter is working hand in glove with those who want to put an end to democracy in India. One policy for Western countries and another for helping fascists in India?” tweeted one Congress leader.

Several INC officials have seen their personal accounts blocked too, while the party’s Instagram account also responded: “If raising a voice for justice for a rape victim is a crime, we will commit such crime 100 times. Hail India… Truth Shall Prevail.”

In an Instagram post, the party blamed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the suspension.

Apart from this, the Twitter accounts of several prominent Congress politicians have also been frozen for “violating rules against posting private information”.

Other Congress leaders have reacted sharply to Twitter’s move.

Forsided, 12.08.2021

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