Shocking Footage From Kabul Airport As People Fall off Plane [Video]

Several people have allegedly been killed after attempting to hold on to a plane ferrying evacuees out of Afghanistan’s capital, as chaotic scenes at the city’s airport have led to reports of casualties, multiple sources claim.

Terrifying footage shared on social media claims to be showing at least two people falling from the plane as it takes off from Kabul airport.

Crowds of Afghans desperate to escape from Kabul airport attempt to storm a US Air Force C-17A military transport aircraft, hauling themselves up the side.

The video shows Afghans hanging onto American aircraft’s undercarriage as it takes off.

Social media posts, citing local media, claimed that three men had attempted to attach themselves to the aircraft. At least one of the bodies was recovered in a residential area near the airport.

Forsided, 16.08.2021

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