Angela Merkel’s Phone Rings During Meeting With Vladimir Putin [Video]

Outgoing German Chancellor Angela Merkel found herself in an awkward situation after her phone suddenly rang during a meeting with Vladimir Putin in Moscow as the Russian president was speaking.

The moment was captured on video, with Merkel rushing to turn off the sound and probably put it on mute, while Putin wisely got out of the situation, showing his sense of humour in a polite tone, continuing his speech with the words, “we are constantly in telephone contact”.

Putin, who has maintained amicable relations with Merkel over the years, welcomed the chancellor with a flower bouquet, collected from flowers of different varieties and colours. Such a bouquet looked not at all like a standard expression of politeness, but as a warm sign of friendly welcoming.

Merkel greeted the Russian side in their native language, taking the next step and showing her positive attitude towards the organized meeting.

Forsided, 20.08.2021
Source: Ru-Main

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