Anti-Covid Protestors Stormed Offices of ITN Production [Video]

Demonstrators against anti-Covid restrictions have stormed the offices of ITN Productions, a company responsible for news bulletins broadcast on ITV, Channel 4, and Channel 5, in the latest anti-media protest.

On Monday, dozens of Britons unhappy with the role of the media during the Covid-19 pandemic stormed the foyer of ITN Productions on Gray’s Inn Road, London.

The Met Police confirmed that they were responding to the demonstration and said officers were assisting security staff in removing people who unlawfully gained access to the building.

In videos shared online, law enforcement vans can be seen racing to the studios, which sit in the Borough of Camden.

Protesters could be seen battling with police officers in the building’s foyer, but importantly they remained behind the firm’s security gates. 

Other footage shows a more peaceful scene at the ITN reception, with many of the demonstrators appearing to either film themselves or the foyer itself.

Forsided, 24.08.2021

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