Polish MP Tried to Run Through Border Guards to Help Migrants [Video]

Polish MP attempt a run through the lines of border guards to deliver food and medication to the migrants stranded on Poland’s border with Belarus.

Video released by the Polish satirist program shows the MP eluding guards as he makes an amazing run across a field.

Franciszek Sterczewski can be seen holding a blue plastic bag, reportedly carrying food and water for migrants stranded at the crossing. At one point a pursuing soldier trips and falls leading to jeers from onlookers. The MP makes his way past numerous guards before also tripping up and being detained by officers.

He wrote on his Facebook page that he first tried to talk his way through, but when he was denied passage he simply ran to the border and was caught almost immediately.

He wrote: “Trapped persons have no food or drink. At this point, they drink the water from the stream. That is why today I did my best to provide them with food and medicines, for example. It almost worked. Unfortunately, the Border Guard preferred to illegally prevent me.”

Forsided, 25.08.2021

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