Two Explosions at Kabul Airport – Dozens Killed & Injured [Photo/Video]

Two explosions have taken place at Kabul airport. According to sources to Politico, a suicide bomber from ISIS was responsible for one of the acts.

According to media reports, several people have died and many were injured in the explosions at the airport, where a large number of people have been recently trying to leave Afghanistan.

There have been warnings of imminent terrorist attacks on the site the day before. Security alerts from the US, UK, and Taliban officials in recent days warned of a potential attack on the airport, while US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan noted a possible threat from ISIS-K as early as last week.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby states that at least 13 US military personnel were killed at the airport entrance. A further 18 US troops were injured, according to a military spokesman.

The attacks from ISIS’s affiliate in Afghanistan were the deadliest U.S. casualty event there since 2011, and they come as the US is just days away from a complete withdrawal from a country now controlled by the Taliban.

A Taliban spokesman also told the news agency that Taliban guards were among those who were hurt by the blast. At least 28 Taliban members died in two suicide bombings.

It’s so far unclear how many civilians were killed in the bombings, as the casualty numbers are expected to rise. Later, an emergency hospital in Kabul said at least 90 injured people were transported for treatment. 

Videos from the scene showed dozens of bodies strewn across a sewage canal and the surrounding banks outside Kabul’s main airport.

However, the next day people still gather outside the airport despite the deadly terror attack on Thursday.

Forsided, 27.08.2021
Source: RT

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