Afghan Ex-Minister Now Delivers Food in Germany [Video]

Sayed Sadaat used to be communications minister in the Afghan government before moving to Germany last December in the hope of a better future. Now he is a delivery man in the eastern city of Leipzig.

“There is no shame in the job at all. Work is work,” he told AFP. “If there is a job, it means there is public demand… someone has to do it,” he said.

Sadaat was minister of communications in Afghanistan from 2016 to 2018. But the 50-year-old said he quit his post because he was fed up with corruption in the government.

But by 2020, the security situation had deteriorated, he said. “So I decided to leave,” he said. As a dual Afghan-British citizen, he decided to move to Germany at the end of 2020 before Brexit made it no longer possible for Britons to obtain residency in the EU without conditions such as an offer of employment.

“I know this challenge is for a short time, it is until I can get another job,” he said, touting the physical benefits of cycling. Sadaat said he does not regret his decision to move to Germany.

Forsided, 31.08.2021

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