Terrified Afghan TV News Presenter Asks Viewers to “Not Be Afraid” [Video]

“Visibly petrified” Afghan TV news presenter urges viewers to “not be afraid” while surrounded by gun-toting Taliban. A video of terrified Afghan newsreader Mirwaiz Haidari Haqdost asking viewers to cooperate with the group has gone viral.

According to WIO News, the news anchor carried out a debate with the militants while on air. The news outlet reports that the presenter spoke about the collapse of the Government in Afghanistan and urged the Afghan people not to be afraid.

Unsurprisingly the irony of a message of peace and calm enforced by rifle-bearing militants wasn’t lost on the online community – one saying: “the Taliban itself is synonymous with fear in the minds of millions. This is just another proof.”

Reports suggest Taliban members stormed the TV studios on Sunday, spoke to the presenter before instructing him to deliver their message.

Forsided, 01.09.2021

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