Twitter’s ‘Super Follows’ Fills Paid Content Niche Similar to OnlyFans [Tweet]

Twitter has launched a new Super Follows feature permitting users to charge for “subscriber-only” content. Only followers who pay up to $9.99 per month will gain the privilege to see these new, OnlyFans-like privileged posts.

The feature allows users to charge a monthly fee in exchange for access to additional content. Twitter will take a cut of the earnings.

The feature is currently only available for iOS to those American and Canadian users who applied for the opportunity to try it out in February, and boasts that it’s a “paid monthly subscription that supports your favorite people on Twitter” while unlocking just-for-followers “super Tweets.”

“With Super Follows, people can monetize bonus, ‘behind-the-scenes’ content for their most engaged followers on Twitter,” a spokesperson explained in an emailed press release. “And in exchange, these followers get special access to more of their favourite authentic Twitter content and conversations.” 

Long-suffering Twitter users sighed that tweeters had been begging for an “edit tweet” button forever, only to have another borderline-worthless ‘new’ feature launched.

Forsided, 02.09.2021

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