Taliban Overpainted George Floyd Memorial Wall in Kabul [Photo]

After gaining control of Afghanistan, the Taliban has overpainted the murals in Kabul and replaced them with declarations of victory, including the memorial wall of one that featured Black Lives Matter icon, George Floyd.

“The Taliban have started painting over murals left behind from the American occupation,” highlighted one Twitter user. “Here they paint over one mural depicting St George Floyd and replace it with proclamations of victory.”

The murals were created during the occupation by a group called Artlords, members of which had covered Kabul with the images, some of which carried social justice messages and amplified women’s rights issues, in the eight years before the Taliban took control.

The original aim of the group, according to its website, was “to pave the way for social transformation and behavioural change”. Artlords has an American outpost which is based in Virginia, United States.

“George Floyd’s face and the LGBT flag are the symbols of American Imperialism in the 21st century,” pointed out Keith Woods.

Meanwhile, in the west, giant statues of the career criminal who pointed a gun at a pregnant woman during an armed robbery are being erected, while brands are also launching George Floyd-themed lingerie as a symbol of female empowerment.

Forsided, 08.09.2021
Source: Infowars

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