Unvaccinated Australians Told They’ll Remain Under Lockdown [Video]

Unvaccinated Australians will remain under lockdown indefinitely, but those who have been vaccinated will see some of their liberties restored, as Premier Gladys Berejiklian informed unvaccinated Australians, “You have been warned!”

The announcement was made during the same press conference in which Dr. Kerry Chant revealed that COVID contact tracing was part of the “New World Order”.

Once 70 per cent of Australian adults have been vaccinated, people will be allowed to host up to 5 people in their home if all are fully vaccinated (wow). Up to 20 people will be able to gather outdoors and some domestic travel will be allowed.

However, unvaccinated people will remain under lockdown and will become second class citizens in perpetuity, as Berejiklian proceeded.

“Living with COVID means you have a cautious and staged reopening once you get to those high rates of vaccination in your adult population,” said Berejiklian.

“We have obviously consulted the national plan, we’ve also had input from our health experts and stakeholders to make sure that when we start reopening at 70 per cent double dose that it’s done in a safe way and it’s only for people who are vaccinated,” she added.

“So you have been warned! If you’re not vaccinated, come forward and get the vaccine otherwise you won’t be able to participate in the many freedoms that people have at 70 per cent vaccination,” said Berejiklian.

Forsided, 10.09.2021

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