Hundreds of Australian Beachgoers Ignore Authorities Threatening Fines [Video]

Hundreds of beachgoers enjoy the sun and go about their business in the video from New South Wales, Australia, while government authorities threaten fines over a bullhorn.

An angry Waverley Council representative threatens fines for violating rigorous COVID restrictions while beachgoers disregard her pleas at Sydney’s North Bondi beach.

““Please put your mask on. Otherwise fines will apply. Also remember, social distancing is vital. We’re not out of this mess yet, and if you are outside of the 5 kilometer LGA, again, you are in breach of the public health order,” the woman said.

At that point, 7News Australia panned to several police officers confronting and issuing fines to several beachgoers.

Forsided, 14.09.2021

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