Australian Defence Minister Mocked for Not Knowing How to Do Elbow Bump [Video]

Australian Defence Minister Peter Dutton has found himself in quite an awkward situation as he posed for a photo with his South Korean counterpart Suh Wook. The latter raised his arm in order to do a COVID-19 friendly elbow bump.

However, Peter Dutton didn’t appear to understand what he was supposed to do and simply raised his hand in a similar manner. Mr Wook’s attempt to right the situation made it even more awkward. As a result, the South Korean defence minister had to take his counterpart’s arm and show him what to do.

A video showing the awkward situation went viral immediately after it was posted online. Many users admitted that Peter Dutton made their day as they were crying with laughter.

Many users tried to guess what the defence minister thought he was doing when attempting to do an elbow bump.

Forsided, 16.09.2021

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