Vaccination Propaganda in American Cartoon Failed: People Saw the Real Point [Video, Tweet]

‘Family Guy’ is an American adult animated sitcom created and developed for the Fox Broadcasting Company. On September 21 it released the Covid vaccine explainer video in which characters Stewie and Brian tell viewers ‘the truth’ about vaccines, while dad Peter first doubts and then gets his first shot from the doctor.

The video shows Peter, a character usually presented as a silly and clumsy man, sitting on a hospital bed and asking his dog Brian why he should get the Covid-19 vaccine, insisting that he hates getting shots. Brian swiftly corrects Peter’s pronunciation of “Covid,” to which Peter replies, “Well, I only ever read it”. At this moment a viewer can already get a clear picture of how the creators of the episode ‘respect’ the opinions of those who are not willing to get vaccinated.

Then, Stewie and Brian explain how vaccines have been around for hundreds of years (talking in general, of course, without any note that anti-COVID ones have just appeared), that they helped eradicate smallpox from the face of the Earth. The characters teleport themselves inside Peter’s body to explain exactly how a vaccine works, doing it, however, in an openly promoting way, excluding all the drawbacks and side-effects).

The video stops short of telling people to get vaccinated. The final shot shows a plaster with the words “It’s up to you,” with links to further vaccine information. Lisa Sherman, president and CEO of the Ad Council that created the “It’s up to you” Covid-19 vaccination initiative claimed that the ‘Family Guy’ video was bringing “critical vaccine information to audiences in a fresh and hilarious way”, though it was not clear enough how much ‘critical’ was in fact in that information.

The video has received plenty of praise from people online but not everyone was so pleased with the episode. One person questioned why a cartoon writer thought he was an authority on medicine.

Forsided, 23.09.2021
Source: RT

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