US Activists Flooded ‘Vaccinated-Only’ Food Court, Protesting Against Vaccine Passports [Video]

A crowd of about 60 people went into the Food District area at the Staten Island Mall on Saturday in a protest against the New York city vaccine mandate. Dozens of vaccine-passport protesters managed to get food and eat inside the food court without being asked to provide any proof of vaccination, although the place has a vaccinated-only policy.

The activists can be seen on the video getting into the building of the food court without any resistance from either security or staff despite a sign at the entrance warning diners that they must be vaccinated to enter the court. The protesters then took seats and food shouting “USA!” and “f**k Joe Biden”. One of the activists was also showing his T-shirt with the text “Trump Won” on it.

One of the leaders of the protest said, the vaccine is not something reliable, claiming that he would not like a pregnant wife to take it. He compared vaccination nowadays with buying a new car and not even waiting a year to see if it’s a good product, immediately promoting it here and there. His thought he concluded with words, “My body, my choice.”

Forsided, 27.09.2021

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