Afghan Barbers Banned From Beards Trimming [Tweet]

The Taliban movement that came to power in Afghanistan last month, introduced a ban on shaving and trimming the beards of Afghan men, in accordance with Sharia law. Local authorities reportedly said, the restrictions currently apply to the rest of the country, though first they were introduced only in one province.

Previously, Afghan residents have already complained that the rules have affected their businesses in a negative way, as customers don’t shave their beards ‘intending to blend in and look like Taliban members’. An owner of a barber chain claimed that he received a call from someone who introduced himself as an official and who told him not to ‘follow American styles’ and to stop shaving and trimming beards.

“The fighters keep coming and ordering us to stop trimming beards. One of them told me they can send undercover inspectors to catch us,” another barber from Kabul said.

This will eventually cause the closure of the barber industry. The situation is already going this way, as a large number of barbershops across the country have reportedly closed due to the new rules of the Taliban.

Forsided, 28.09.2021
Source: Sputnik

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