US Soldiers Obliged to Clean Up Trash They Left Before Leaving Afghanistan [Tweet]

The hasty evacuation of US troops from Afghanistan caused disorder and chaos at Kabul airport. Leaving the place US Marines gave the Taliban and Daesh a one-finger salute and left obscene remarks on the walls. However, soldiers were ordered by their commanders to remove the graffiti before leaving the city and pick up all the trash scattered around.

Several examples of the insults were uploaded on social media. One of them shows a serviceman in front of a Hamid Karzai Airport with the phrase written on the wall “F*сk ISIS + Taliban” right by the image of male genitalia.

Another image depicts 12 men with firearms in front of an outdoor concrete barricade and the words “F*k ISIS, AFG 2021” spray-painted.

A group of Marines pose in front of a wall at the airport in Kabul with "F--k isis, AFG 2021" scrawled across it in black paint.
Source: NY Post

Forsided, 30.09.2021
Source: Sputnik

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