Mother Arrested in Front of Crying Children at Canadian Community Centre [Video]

Two Canadian policemen arrested a mother right in front of her children for not showing her Covid vaccine passport at a local community centre in Ripley, Ontario. Children were crying and hugging the woman’s leg of being scared and not understanding the situation but this didn’t stop police officers from detaining her.

An officer informs the woman and the man filming that the manager of the facility wants them to leave, and tells them they’re trespassing. The man filming convinces policemen they’re not trespassing but taking part in recreational activities at a public tax-payer funded facility.

However, the police handcuffed the woman and took her to a police vehicle. As was later reported, the mother was taken offsite, issued her a fine of $65, and returned to the community centre announcing that now she is banned from attending the arena.

Forsided, 01.10.2021
Source: Newswars

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