Canadian PM: All Unvaccinated Federal Employees To be Placed on Unpaid Leave [Video]

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has given all federal employees until the end of October to get the vaccine or risk being put off work with no pay, even those who work remotely, The Globe and Mail reports.

He also announced anybody 12 and older will be required to be vaccinated to travel on a public train or plane within Canada saying, “testing is not an option.”

When asked about those who refuse the vaccine, Trudeau claimed the goal “is not to punish people who don’t want to get vaccinated,” but to protect vaccinated Canadians from the unvaccinated.

As estimated, there are about 300,000 civil servants in Canada. To date, more than 80% of the population aged 12 and over has already been vaccinated against coronavirus in Canada. Trudeau called these measures “some of the most stringent in the world”.

Forsided, 07.10.2021

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