Covid-19 Passes in Italy Come Into Effect For All Workers: Hundreds Protesters Block Ports [Videos]

Hundreds of people have gathered at Italian ports to protest the new requirement that all workers show their Covid-19 health permits. If you don’t follow the rules, you could lose your job and face fines.

On Friday, around 300 protesters blockaded an entrance to the port of Genoa in Northwest Italy in opposition to the so-called ‘green passes’, which require both private and public workers to prove that they are either vaccinated, have tested negative for Covid, or have recently recovered from the virus.

If workers cannot produce a green pass within a grace period of five days, they will be suspended without pay and could face a fine of up to €1,500 ($1,730) should they dare to work on regardless.

Footage uploaded to Twitter showed a large gathering of people in high-visibility jackets in protest against the measure and signs saying “No green pass.”

Meanwhile, in Trieste in the northeast, some labor groups threatened to block operations indefinitely in defiance against the mandate, with crowds of hundreds demonstrating at the city’s major port.

Forsided, 15.10.2021

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