Scottish Police: Calling Woman “Nice” Is “Sexual Violence” [Tweet]

Calling a woman “nice” and buying her dinner are said to be precursors to “sexual violence,” according to a campaign ad released by Police Scotland.

The campaign is “hoping to tackle male sexual entitlement” and features several different men describing behavior which supposedly is a gateway to sexual assault.

Such behavior includes calling a girl “doll,” giving a girl a “compliment,” such as “nice” and buying a woman dinner or alcoholic drinks, as well as basic male banter.

The ad then mixes in actual examples of gross behavior, such as sending dick pics, to conflate everything as one.

“I’d ask all men to watch this film – and then encourage your sons, fathers, brothers and friends to do likewise,” tweeted First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon.

Forsided, 15.10.2021

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