Thousands Organize “Protective Circle”As Covid Green Pass Comes Into Force in Italy [Video]

On October 15 in the presidential palace in Rome, an exhibition called “Inferno” was held, dedicated to Dante. On this occasion, at the end of September, Rodin’s sculptural group “Gates of Hell” was brought and installed from France.

At the same time, on October 15 comes into force a decree on a green passport all over Italy, which can be obtained only by vaccined citizens (or through paid tests, every 48 hours) and without which citizens are deprived of the right to work and live.

Protests were held in all cities in Iltaly. In Florence people organized a protective circle around Golden Gate or “Gate of Paradise” meditating, without interruption all day, until late at night.

Forsided, 18.10.2021

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