Australian Cartoonist Fired After Comparing Vaccination to in Tiananmen Square [Photo]

A well-known Australian cartoonist, Michael Leunig, claims he lost his top rank in a Melbourne newspaper after drawing parallels between the Tiananmen Square riots and Covid-19 vaccine regulations in a recent cartoon.

Speaking to The Australian on Monday, Leunig said that while the editorial team has censored about a dozen of his works this year, the last straw appeared to be an anti-mandate cartoon which was a play on the iconic ‘tank man’ photo. Leunig’s cartoon shows a man staring down a tank, with its main gun being replaced by a syringe.

The original photo depicts a lone Chinese protester standing before a line of tanks during the 1989 pro-democracy protests at Tiananmen Square.

While his cartoon was rejected by The Age, Leunig published the drawing on Instagram, triggering a backlash from the proponents of vaccine mandates.

Shortly after the controversy erupted, Leuning, who worked at the newspaper for over 20 years, was told that his services as a political cartoonist were no longer needed. The Age’s editor, Gay Alcorn, reportedly told the artist that he was “out of touch” with readers before notifying him of his dismissal.

Forsided, 25.10.2021

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