Netizens Confused by United Colors of Benetton’s ‘Unisex Hijab’ [Photo]

A collection of unisex hijabs has been released by United Colors of Benetton. It was designed in partnership with Ghali Amdouni, an Italian rapper, as part of his Ghali collection.

“The hijab is a unique garment that I wanted very much. There was no resistance from the company to include it in the collection. When I was a child, I was bullied at school, there was no one to represent me, while now it is normality. I am tired of hearing how everything Arab or Tunisian is associated with something negative. When I was little, my mother was afraid that I would go out with my Arab companions, she preferred that I have Italian friends. Now I think it is important to say that this diversity is an added value, it is what makes me unique,” the rapper reportedly said.

He posed in a hijab for his 1.6-million audience on Instagram.

The hijab will be available in black, red, green and yellow for $40.66. Photos of the accessory were shared online.

Forsided, 09.11.2021

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