Belarus Accuses Poland of Using Violence Against Migrants at Border [Photo]

Almost 600 attempted unlawful border crossings into Poland were recorded on Tuesday, according to Warsaw’s border police, amid an intensifying migrant crisis on Poland’s shared border with Belarus.

Officials announced in a tweet on Wednesday alleging that nine people — Libyan, Iraqi and Syrian nationals — were detained on the previous day while trying to reach the EU nation. 

Meanwhile, Belarusian border guards have accused their Polish counterparts of beating the migrants. They have published photos of bloodied people on Telegram, claiming that four Kurdish men alleged they were subjected to violence after being detained during their attempt to cross.

“Judging by the numerous injuries on the bodies of the migrants, the Polish security services treated the people harshly and used force to push them back over the barbed-wire fence on the border with Belarus,” the statement read.

Forsided, 10.11.2021

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