Poland Deploys Flashbangs and Water Cannons to Stop Migrants [Video]

As the conflict over illegal migration deepens, a group of refugees attempted to cross the border between Belarus and the EU, prompting Polish officials to use a water cannon and flash grenades to stop the crowds.

On Tuesday morning, images from the location showed scores of men approaching the demarcation line, some holding sticks. Other footage showed a vehicle on the Polish side of the border spraying water jets into the air, as well as clouds of smoke and light rising from border forces’ munitions.

According to the information of the Belarusian side, the Polish security forces use a special liquid against migrants, which “corrodes the eyes.”

RT correspondent, who is covering the growing humanitarian crisis from Belarus, said that “the migrants had moved around 100 meters from the checkpoint, to a place where the barbed wire fence was broken.”

According to him, the response was “more an outburst of emotion – everyone was freezing, everyone was tired. Stones were thrown at the Polish law enforcement officers.” However, he added, despite the wire being damaged, none of the would-be asylum seekers climbed the barrier.

The Polish side also uses special equipment and water cannons, from which improvised shields cannot save.

Forsided, 16.11.2021

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