Iranian Women’s Football Team Accused of Playing a Man as Goalkeeper [Tweet]

Jordan has accused their fierce rivals Iran of playing a man in a women’s international and demanded a ‘gender verification check’.

Zohreh Koudaei saved two penalties but is now facing calls to confirm her gender at the request of Jordan’s Football Association.

“I will sue the Jordan FA,” Koudaei said. “I am a woman. This is bullying from Jordan.”

The President of Jordan’s FA, Prince Ali bin al-Hussein, tweeted a letter ‘requesting a gender verification check’ on Koudaei from the Asian Football Federation (AFC). He also called on the AFC to “please wake up.”

A team manager for Iran denied the gender allegation and said the Jordanian team was looking for an “excuse” for losing the match. 

Forsided, 18.11.2021

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