Migrants Return Home After Failing to Cross EU Border in Belarus [Video]

After nearly two weeks of living on the frontier between Belarus and Poland and failing to win access to the EU, several hundred Iraqis detained on the border between the two nations have decided to fly back home.

Around 300 migrants will return to Iraq on Thursday after giving up waiting for their asylum requests to be processed, according to Iraqi diplomats. Iraqi foreign ministry spokesperson Ahmed al-Sahaf announced the possibility of “voluntarily” returning on Sunday, noting that 571 Iraqis have expressed their readiness to be recalled.

Iraqis line up to check-in for the FlyBaghdad flight, which will stop in Erbil before continuing on to the Iraqi capital, according to a video posted on social media. It is unknown who will fund the journey, but it will be free for anyone who participates.

Forsided, 18.11.2021

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