NYC Mayor Pushes For Vaccine Mandate on Subway [Tweet]

Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York City appears to have asked for a vaccine mandate on the subway, thus prohibiting anyone who has not had the COVID vaccine from travelling across the city.

De Blasio made the call on Twitter, writing “We know vaccine mandates work.”

He added, “New York City is proof of that. Now let’s go even further. I’m urging @GovKathyHochul to institute an MTA vaccine mandate. Let’s do what we can to keep our city, our residents, and our workforce safe.”

It would imply that not only would a vaccine mandate be in place for visits to gyms, restaurants, and cinemas, but that anybody wishing to travel anywhere, even to work, would be required to provide proof of immunization.

Some suggested that De Blasio meant a mandate for MTA workers, however, the tweet clearly does not single out workers.

Nevertheless, many are not impressed with the suggestion:

Forsided, 24.11.2021

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