Protests Against Vaccine Passports Have Continued Across Europe [Video]

All around Europe massive demonstrations against various types of restrictions, COVID rules, closures and mandatory vaccination have been going on for several months.

While more ostensibly free and democratic countries implement increasingly severe rules to impose the covid vaccination on their population and ban those who refuse to vaccinate from public life, the protests are also becoming more and more vocal.

Below are some scenes from last weekend that the old media avoid showing:

Recently, Austria became the first country to force its citizens to take the vaccine. Those who refuse are threatened with fines and imprisonment. Subsequently, the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, has also discussed the idea of forcibly vaccinating the citizens of all EU member states.

In Sweden, vaccine passes have been introduced at certain events for a few days now, which, however, seem to have problems with many cancellations and performances that have had to be cancelled. Demonstrations have also taken place here, such as last weekend in Gothenburg.

Forsided, 07.12.2021

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