Another 40,000 Afghan Migrants Are Accepted by EU [Tweet]

The EU has agreed to accept around 40,000 Afghan citizens, according to EU Interior Commissioner Ylva Johansson. She claims that Germany would be willing to take up to 25,000 migrants.

15 member states have already evacuated 28,000 people from their home country, Afghanistan. An additional 40,000 Afghans will now be provided with housing and livelihoods.

Germany will receive the majority of new arrivals, 25,000 people, the Netherlands allocated 3,159, Spain and France 2,500 each. Other countries receive lower numbers, according to information from the news agency AFP, Aljazeera writes. 

“I think this is an impressive act of solidarity,” Johansson said on Thursday.

She also claimed that offering more Afghans access to EU welfare in a controlled way will help limit the number of “irregular arrivals”.

Forsided, 13.12.2021

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