Football Club Reduces Attendance Figures to 9,999 Seats To Avoid COVID Passports [Tweet]

Carlisle United Football Club has announced that its stadium capacity will be reduced to 9,999 to avoid requiring fans to present their COVID passports before entering.

The club took the decision in the wake of yesterday’s House of Commons vote on vaccination passports. Despite the government’s own internal assessment stating that COVID passports do not work and may even make the transmission of the virus worse, any venue with more than 10,000 people attending is now compelled to adopt the costly and draconian plan.

Carlisle United, on the other hand, has devised a clever technique to get around the laws and save their fans from showing to the vaccination pass.

The club can confirm there will be no mandatory Covid certification at Brunton Park at this time,” said the club in a statement, adding that they were now operating under a “revised” lower capacity to ensure fans don’t need to show their medical papers.

“There will be no requirement to show vaccination status or a recent negative test to enter the stadium and come to games,” says the statement.

The statement also made it clear that face masks would not be mandatory in all but a few areas of the ground.

Forsided, 15.12.2021

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