Protester Arrested After Refusing to Show Vaccine Pass to Buy Food [Video]

An anti-vaccine mandate demonstrator was arrested by police in New York after refusing to present a COVID pass to buy food, according to a video.

The incident occurred at a Panera Bread store in Brooklyn. The man in the video, who is allegedly an army veteran, expresses his displeasure that police repeatedly allow the American flag to fall to the ground while arresting him.

“The flag does not touch the ground!” asserts the veteran. “The Constitution of the United States is being violated – I cannot eat!” he adds.

As he is marched out of the store, the man repeatedly informs authorities that he is nonviolent and has no weapons.

Despite their claims that they are not protesters, other customers who have already paid for food are also asked to leave the store.

According to the individual who shared the video on Twitter, the same man was caught twice last week for attempting to order food without presenting a vaccination passport.

Forsided, 20.12.2021

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