African Migrant Injures Spanish Police During a Brawl [Video]

Several Spanish police officers were injured, according to reports, while attempting to apprehend a violent African migrant who had been caught and released the day before after a similar rampage.

The incident happened in Córdoba, Andalusia, at 8 p.m. on Saturday night. A man who was throwing tables and chairs outside a cafe on a busy street near the city centre was reported to the authorities.

Traffic was stopped in the area as authorities attempted to detain the man with “the least level of force possible.”

The battle was captured on video and shared on social media. As onlookers watch, the suspect is seen fighting a big group of at least eight officers.

“Several officers had to use their defensive weapons to subdue this person,” ABC Córdoba reports.

“At one point, the aggressor knocks down an agent with a punch in the presence of the rest and numerous passers-by. Two agents of the National Police of Córdoba were slightly injured.”

The African had been arrested for a similar confrontation the day before, processed by the court, and released just hours before Saturday’s fight.

Forsided, 11.01.2022

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