Disabled Boy With No Mask Forced to Take Exam Outside in Freezing Weather [Photo]

As a penalty for not wearing a mask, a 9-year-old disabled boy in Austria was forced to take an exam outside in the very cold weather.

An investigation into why the student in Voitsberg was treated in this manner despite having a valid mask exemption is now underway.

Jason, the boy, is photographed sitting outside against the classroom window in – 1 degrees Celsius. The boy’s parents have hired a lawyer and are considering transferring their son to another school.

After bringing the matter to the attention of the Austrian Ministry of Education, Markus Leinfellner of the Austrian Freedom Party called the occurrence a “odd class scandal.”

As a result of harsh COVID-19 restrictions, children are often forced to sit outside in freezing weather.

Forsided, 18.01.2022
Source: Summit News

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