Soros Calls For Leadership Change in China [Video]

Billionaire George Soros called on Monday for the removal of Chinese President Xi Jinping, comparing the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing to the 1936 Olympics in Nazi Germany.

George Soros declared China the “world’s most powerful authoritarian state” and “the greatest threat that open societies face today” in a lecture to the conservative Hoover Institution.

Soros claimed that China, “like Germany in 1936,” will “attempt to use the spectacle” of the upcoming Beijing Olympic Games “to score a propaganda victory for its system of strict controls.”

George Soros ended his speech by calling for a change of leadership in China.

“It is to be hoped that Xi Jinping may be replaced by someone less repressive at home and more peaceful abroad,” he said.

“This would remove the greatest threat that open societies face today and they should do everything within their power to encourage China to move in the desired direction,” the billionaire declared.

Forsided, 01.02.2022

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