Comedian Faints on Stage After Telling Joke About Vaccine Shots [Video]

Heather McDonald collapsed on stage after joking about having the booster shot, and onlookers assumed it was part of her act, but the comedian was rushed to the hospital.

Comedian Heather McDonald fell hard during a show in Tempe, Arizona after joking about vaccines, but it was no joke.

“I’m vaxxed, double vaxxed, boosted … and flu shot and shingle shot and haven’t gotten COVID and Jesus loves me most,” said McDonald during a show in Tempe, Arizona in what was only her second joke of the night.

The audience assumed the jest and dramatic collapse were part of a performance, although the situation was far from amusing.

“As soon as she delivered the joke, she just collapsed and hit her head on the floor,” reports TMZ. “Everyone thought at first it was all part of the act, but it was not. She was conscious, but clearly, all was not well. An EMT and a nurse happened to be in the audience … they rushed up on stage to provide first aid.”

Heather told TMZ that she felt somewhat dizzy when she was on stage and then just collapsed. She says it’s never happened to her before.

Heather says she got a cat scan as well as other tests, but so far it’s unclear what caused her to faint. She says her head really hurts and she’s very tired. Heather also claims she has never had COVID and is fully vaxxed and boosted, as she stated in her performance.

Forsided, 08.02.2022
Source: Summit News

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