Slovak MP Pours Water On Ukrainian Flag As Parliament Approves Controversial US Defence Deal [Video]

Slovak MP Andrej Medvedecky poured water on the Ukrainian flag during the session of the Slovakian Parliament on February 8. His counterpart Marek Kotleba slapped one of the MPs who held the Ukrainian banner.

The defence agreement between Slovakia and the US turned out to be a highly controversial topic for the Slovak parliament. The voting was preceded by bizarre scenes such as whistling by supporters of the deal and its critics’ occupation of the speaker’s desk, according to 112.International. The plenary was accompanied by protests outside parliament.

“The People’s Party Our Slovakia, which is in the opposition, considers the defence agreement with the United States (which allows U.S. troops to use two Slovak airports) a threat to the sovereignty of the country”, reads the message.

As the agreement was considered in the session hall, MPs disrupted the speech of the Defense Minister and members of pro-government political forces. Thus, Medvedecky and his comrade Peter Krupa stood next to the tribune and unfurled the Slovak flag, blocking the rostrum.

Then, MPs from Freedom and Solidarity party brought the Ukrainian flag to the rostrum, too. Medvedecky responded, having poured the water from his bottle on the Ukrainian flag. Kotleba slapped one of the pro-government MPs on his face. The Speaker of the Parliament was forced to halt the session. The consideration of the agreement was postponed until February 9.

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Forsided, 11.02.2022

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