Massive Russian military convoy 60 kms long heads towards Kyiv [Video]

A 60-kilometer-long Russian military convoy was observed Monday by a US satellite imaging company just north of Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital. Meanwhile, a huge number of Russian troops has been filmed moving towards Kharkov.

The convoy, which had been gathering since Sunday, had grown to more than 60 kilometers of military vehicles, according to satellite pictures provided by Maxar, a US company. FRI reports.

The column, it said, filled the entire stretch of road from near Antonov airport, about 28 kilometres from the city, to Prybirsk, about 60 kilometres away.

Earlier on Monday, it had been reported at less than half that length. Maxar claim additional troops and ground attack helicopters were spotted in southern Belarus less than 20 miles (32km) from the border.

At the same time, a long column of Russian troops has been noticed in Ukraine on the road to Kharkov. Social media users have been spreading the footage across the intenet.

“Look how many Russian vehicles are going towards Kharkov,” the video says.

Forsided, 01.03.2022

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