Rocket Missile Landed in Donetsk near Government House – Dozens of Victims [Photo/Video]

A Ukrainian Tochka-U missile was shot down over the center of Donetsk, near the Government House. The landed parts have caused many injured among the civilians, dozens are dead.

26 people were killed and 18 were injured as a result of the strike of a tactical missile Tochka-U of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Donetsk. The spread of striking elements after the Tochka-U strike on Donetsk is recorded within a radius of 500 m from the Government House.

The last and only time shells fell on the Theater Project and Pushkin Boulevard of Donetsk was on February 14, 2015, immediately after the signing of the Minsk agreements.

The Ministry of Health of the DPR said that after the shelling of Donetsk, 18 victims were taken to hospitals.

The Head of the Donetsk People’s Republic Denis Pushilin arrived at the site of the Tochka-U missile crash in Donetsk. According to the head of the republic, there are children among the dead.

Denis Pushilin reported the details of the shelling of the center of Donetsk. According to him, if ‘Tochka-U’ had flown to its destination, then with a radius of destruction of 500 m, there would have been nothing left alive at all.

“‘Tochka-U’ was shot down, but even the wreckage brought such damage and death to the civilian population. People stood in line at the ATM and at the bus stop. ‘Tochka-U’ carried a prohibited cluster charge. If it had not been shot down, then there would have been disproportionately more victims.” the head of the republic said.

People’s militia of the DPR declares that it regards the strike by Tochka-U on Donetsk as a terrorist act, believes that Ukrainian troops used a rocket to shell Donetsk in order to genocide civilians.

The head of the republic announced mourning in the DPR after the missile attack on the city. “The offensive operation will be continued and, if possible, accelerated,” Pushilin said at the site of the strike. According to him, 15 Tochka-U missiles have been shot down over the DPR since the beginning of the offensive operation.

Forsided, 14.03.2022

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