Ukrainian soldiers: We had Orders to Shoot, Whether It Was a Civilian or Not [Video]

Surrendered Ukrainian National Guard soldiers are filmed describing how the leadership ordered them the execution of people in one of the towns in Donbass region, however, they refused to obey the order.

Servicemen of the National Guard of Ukraine who surrendered told how the leadership ordered the execution of civilians in Rubezhnoye, a town in the Donbass region that is partially controlled by the militia of Lugansk People’s Republic.

“At some point, people were brought there, there were both women and men … The people who were brought were with white bandages, they were residents of Rubizhnoye. They put everyone in front of us, we were ordered to shoot them all,” one of the servicemen said.

The captured soldiers of Ukrainian National Guard stated that they refused this terrible order because they cannot shoot civilians. According to them, they were put in a pit, and guards were assigned to them from among those who brought the civilians for execution. However, they were not among the National Guard and not the Ukrainian forces.

Forsided, 11.04.2022

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