German Media Lies That Muslim Riots in Sweden Were “Right Wing Demonstrations”

When violent riots erupted in Sweden, usually involving Muslim migrants, German media outlets blamed the unrest on “right-wing demos.”

Over the past week, violent domestic disturbance has arisen in several Swedish towns and cities, resulting in the injuries of 26 police officers over the Easter weekend. During the rampage, mobs of Muslim migrant teenagers set fire to police vehicles and threw stones at police, with some screaming “Allahu Akbar.”

According to the Associated Press, Swedish authorities said the riots targeted police and were organized by “criminal gangs,” a euphemism for Muslim migrant youths.

In Sweden’s cities, Muslim youths often stage riots in response to the arrest of violent criminals. In 2020, there were also large-scale riots.

The riots, however, were allegedly staged by shadowy right-wing radicals, according to German media.

In Malmo, according to ZDF, there were “riots at right-wing demos.”

“After the approval of right-wing rallies, there were riots again in Sweden during the night,” states the article, with no mention that the police were actually being attacked by Muslim gangs.

“To the uninformed reader, the riots actually involved right-wing extremists attacking police,” reports ReMix News.

“The article seems to be an attempt by the ZDF to downplay the role of Muslims in yet another public disturbance in the already highly-troubled immigrant neighborhoods in Swedish cities,” the reports states.

“In Sweden, there were violent protests in several cities on Saturday evening and Sunday night after a right-wing extremist party was allowed to hold rallies,” Tagesschau reported, downplaying Muslim migrants’ role in the riots.

Forsided, 21.04.2022
Source: Infowars

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