Missing blogger found after being arrested by Ukrainians forces [Video]

Gonzalo Lira has reappeared alive and well. He had been arrested by Ukrainian authorities but since released. Earlier, the media reported that he disappeared in Kharkov. He cannot disclose the reasons for the incident.

International concern forced the Ukrainian Security Service to show that American-Chilean reporter Gonzalo Lira, whom the nationalists detained on April 15, is alive. Previously, contact with Gonzalo was lost for some days as he allegedly was taken hostage by the Ukrainian security forces.

However, he doesn’t have access to his computer and phone, as well as the access to his social media accounts. He has also mentioned that he can’t say anything publicly, and not allowed to leave Kharkov.

“Physically I’m okay. I don’t have anything that I can say publicly other than I’m okay. I’m still in Kharkov, and for the time being I can’t leave,” said the reporter in the video.

Previously, American-Chilean YouTuber, journalist, and filmmaker Gonzalo Lira, who has also become a war blogger, has gained a lot of attention. Gonzalo travelled to Ukraine to document the war and share information about the conflict.

Forsided, 22.04.2022
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