Davos Elites Delight at Prospect of Their ‘Great Reset’: Freedom of Speech Must Be ‘Recalibrated’ [Video]

As World Economic Forum head Klaus Schwab proclaimed that “the future is built by us” at the opening of the annual Davos gathering, other European elites called for “recalibration” of freedom of speech and declared that the global energy crisis is a “transition” that should not be resisted by nations tempted to preserve their own sovereignty over the “global agenda.”

“Let’s also make clear, the future is not just happening, the future is build by us, by a powerful community as you here in this room,” said Chairman Klaus Schwab World Economic Forum

Schwab declared that “We have the means to improve the state of the world, but two conditions are necessary: The first one, is that we act all as stakeholders of larger communities, so that we serve not only our self-interests, but we serve the community. That’s what we call ‘stakeholder responsibility.’”

“And second, that we collaborate,” he continued, adding “And this is the reason why you find many opportunities here during the meeting to engage into… action and impact initiatives to make progress related to specific issues on the global agenda.”

As further discussions progressed Monday, German vice-chancellor Robert Habeck spoke about the energy crisis, warning that governments of individual nations should not seek to protect their own citizens, but instead follow “the rule of the markets”.

The same day, in order to prevent “online violence” and “increasing polarization,” Australia’s “eSafety Commissioner” Julie Inman Grant advocated for a “recalibration” of freedom of speech.

“We are finding ourselves in a place where we have increasing polarization everywhere and everything feels binary when it doesn’t need to be,” she said on Monday.

“So, I think we’re going to have to think about a recalibration of a whole range of human rights that are playing out online, from freedom of speech to the freedom to be free from online violence,” Grant said.

The “eSafety Commissioner” position in Australia was founded in 2015 as the country’s online safety “regulator and educator,” and it “leads and coordinates online safety efforts.”

During another discussion, Norwegian finance CEO Kjerstin Braathen described global energy upheaval as a “transition” while admitting there will be mass shortages and economic hardship, but claiming the “pain” is “worth it.”

Forsided, 25.05.2022
Source: Infowars

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