Empty Shelves Around America – Biden Baby Formula Shortage Turns to Crisis [Video]

Empty shelves have become a common sight in grocery stores around the country as a result of the Biden baby formula shortage.

Breitbart News footage shows several store shelves in supermarkets around the country having to suffer from baby formula shortages.

The video shows empty shelves in CVS, Walgreens, Publix, Target, and Walmart stores in Oklahoma, Florida, Virginia, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Louisiana, and Missouri, demonstrating how widespread the terrible formula shortages are.

The supply shortage is also apparently not affecting immigrants illegally coming across the southern border, where pallets of formula have been shipped to aid the influx, as documented by Republican Kat Cammack.

The shortages come as the Biden administration is finally taking action by invoking the Defense Production Act and launching Operation Fly Formula, essentially acknowledging the administration’s failure on the crisis.

Earlier this month, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said this issue was something the administration was aware of back in February.

Despite Abbott Nutrition reaching an agreement with the Food and Drug Administration on a plan to restart production, the plant could reopen in as soon as two weeks– but even once production starts, it could be another six to eight weeks before that product hits store shelves.

Forsided, 25.05.2022
Source: Breitbart

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