NGO Ships Dumping Migrants Onto Italian Island

Released NGO ships are transporting illegal immigrants to Italy in fast-growing numbers. More than 250 migrants have arrived at the Italian island of Sicily after a non-governmental organization (NGO) collected them from the sea during ‘rescue’ operations near Africa.

The crew of the NGO vessel Open Arms had been seeking entry into a European port after bringing aboard hundreds of migrants in recent days.

After reportedly being rejected by Malta, Open Arms was welcomed to Sicily, which has been overrun by steady stream of migrants arriving with the help of human traffickers and NGOs.

On New Year’s Eve, Open Arms picked up group of around 170 migrants in a boat “drifting off the coast of Libya,” InfoMigrants reported.

Two days later, another 96 migrants were fetched from a “second boat adrift in international waters,” Open Arms announced on social media.

Forsided, 5.1.2021
Source: Infowars Europe

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