Covid-Lockdown in Canada: Police Storm Into New Year’s Celebrating Family

The video with several million views from Canadian Gatineau has attracted attention and many criticize the police for using what is believed to be excessively harsh for something relatively harmless.

It happened at 11.30 pm on New Year’s Eve when the family was visited by the police, who had received a tip that according to the prevailing pandemic restrictions, there were too many people at the party.

The video shows how the confrontation escalated into a scuffle between the police and the six people in the house. The quarrel resulted in a person being prosecuted for assault and obstruction to police work. The owner of the house was also arrested and prosecuted for refusing to provide personal information.

Lack of judgment

According to Mathieu Tessier, who appears in the video, at one point the police had no judgment at all.

You can not treat people like this, he says.

According to Tessier, he became involved at the point when a policeman allegedly pulled his mother’s arm.

The police, for their part, claim that the people in the house refused to cooperate and that one of them allegedly hit a police officer in the face. In addition to the charges, the the group of people was also fined.

Forsided, 5.1.2021
Source: Samnytt

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