Russia – Focus of Development Work For Finland

Finish MP: Finland should invest above all in relations with Russia.

Johannes Yrttiaho, Finish MP recently wrote on his Facebook page that “The Finnish Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defense are primarily warming up to the west – to the United States and NATO. In Marin’s government program, relations with neighboring Russia shine in non-existence. In Marin’s government’s foreign and security policy report, Russia is one of the three great powers, and along with China, is the one to blame.

One would think that the more unstable domestic political situation in the United States would prompt our Turpo-elite, which decides on foreign and security policy, to reconsider Finland’s relationship with the ideal state, the United States. It seems even more absurd and dangerous to tie Finland to the United States as a “little helper” with tens of billions of assault fighters.

In the name of its own security, Finland should invest above all in good neighborly relations. Relations with Russia should be the focus of development work at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs”.

Forsided, 14.1.2021
Source: Facebook

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