Pushkov Named Three Problems That Russia Will Face in 2021

Russian Senator Aleksey Pushkov listed three problems that Russia will face this year. He wrote about this in the telegram channel.

Aleksey Pushkov believes that the key problems of 2021 will be the way out of the pandemic, the dictates of the Internet giants, as well as changes within the United States and in its foreign policy.

“The answer to the first is vaccination and reducing the vulnerability of the population. To the second, the law against censorship on the Internet, which has just entered into force, as wll as the development of our own Internet platforms,” ​​the senator said, stressing that there is no doubt that that large network giants will not comply with Russian requirements.

The answer to the third question, in his opinion, will depend on Russia’s ability to withstand pressure from the United States, which is likely to increase.

At the same time, according to Pushkov, any sign of weakness on the part of Moscow will be perceived by Washington as evidence of the success of pressure and will lead to its intensification. The senator also believes that a dialogue on certain issues, such as the extension of START-3, with the American administration is possible. But it will be limited and will not affect the “main content of the relationship.”

Forsided, 11.1.2021
Source: RIA Novosti

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